Perfect 32 dental clinic is a general dental practice located in the beautiful town of Mcleodganj.
Dr Natasha Mehra is the primary dentist in this clinic.
Dr Natasha Mehra is general dentist with certification in implantology, cosmetic dentistry and Endodontics.
With years of experience, and visiting specialists ,we can take care of all your dental needs in the most professional way, yet we donot forget to add a personal touch for each of our patients.

Freedom from pain is our chief aim.
We have treatment options for all agegroups, from tiny tots to teenagers to the elderly.

Our Advantages

Certified Dentist

Dr. Natasha is a general dentist with certification in implants, cosmetic Dentistry and Endodontics Also a proud member of ELITE at

Using Innovative

All our treatments are completed with state of the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards using technologies like CAD-CAM, LASER, DIGITAL RADIO GRAPHY, ELECTRONIC ENDOMOTORS, APEX LOCATORS, HIGHVAC SUCTION SYSTEMS.


As a part of our pledge to your well being we at”Perfect 32″. DO NOT USE MERCURY or any of its contents in our fillings.Our fillings are completely free of all toxins

Sterilisation & Disinfection

In our initiative to provide the best treatment , we pay special attention to sterilisation & disinfection procedures. All our instruments are thoroughly Sterlised and Operatory completely disinfected YOUR HEALTH IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.

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